Discovering the Best Aluminum Polish

Aluminum polish is used to restore dull aluminum and to protect it from further deterioration. Determining what you will be polishing will help you identify how much product you need to buy for your project. Aluminum polish can be used on a wide variety of items you currently possess including wheels, bicycles, and other household items.

Aluminum polishing is most commonly performed on car parts. Another popular use for aluminum polish is on old antiques that have been around for generations. Many heirlooms have been able to survive longer than they typically would because of the varieties of aluminum polish in the market today. You can find it sold in local stores but the real trick is finding it cheaper and readily available online in a various price ranges that are very reasonable on your wallet.

Top 5 Comparison Chart

Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish

Simichrome Metal Polish

BlueMagic 500 Metal Polish Cream

Mothers Billet Metal Polish

Flitz Blue Metal Polish Paste
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Understanding How to Polish Aluminum Correctly

There are many techniques to consider when learning how to clean aluminum for the first time. Goods that are made out of aluminum can be scratched very easily. It is important to understand the different procedures that can be used before completing the task. All aluminum objects should be cleaned with soap and water before applying aluminum polish. One technique used when polishing aluminum is by using a microfiber cloth to apply the polish. Another way to polish your aluminum is to use a buffer brush commonly found at hardware stores. Depending on the size of the item, a microfiber cloth is usually the easiest way to apply the polish to the aluminum.

The best way to polish aluminum is purchase a kit that comes with the polish, a variety of buffer pieces, and the microfiber cloth to ensure you have everything necessary to get the job done correctly. The kits range in price depending on the amount of pieces that are included. The polishing kits will typically have instructions to help the user identify which technique is the best way to polish the aluminum at hand. It will also have recommendations and tips to make the job easier.

Before aluminum can be polished, it needs to be cleaned of any dirt that may be on surface of it. Using the soft side of a sponge with soap and water will help remove any debris that is on the aluminum. Using a soft bristle toothbrush or scrub brush will help you remove the tougher stains that will not come off with a sponge. After you have cleaned the item, rinse with warm water and dry off completely with a clean microfiber cloth. Allow to dry completely before applying the aluminum polish.

Finding the Best Type of Aluminum Polish

There are a few polishes that stand out amongst the rest and it’s time to share them with you. You’ll see countless reviews and positive feedback on them — let’s take a look:

MOTHERS Mag & Aluminum Polish 05101

mothers magAt an affordable price and a wide range of sizes, Mothers 05101 Mag & Aluminum Polish stands out as one of the best aluminum polishes a person can buy. It can be used on a wide variety of metals and items but is mainly used for polishing tires and automobile parts. Mothers polish is less abrasive than other polishes and is gentle enough to use weekly on a regular basis.

Polishing aluminum fixtures and belongings throughout your home can also be done with this polish because of its milder nature compared to other polishes. With minimal work, the aluminum pieces around your home and on your vehicle will look brand new. By leaving a protective film on the aluminum item, it remains protected even when it is not in use. The protective film is important for aluminum pieces that are on vehicles because of the amount of use they receive. Mothers metal polish is one of the top choices for amateurs and experts alike and makes for a great aluminum wheel polish.

Simichrome 390050 All Metal and Aluminum Polish

simichrome metal polishThis aluminum polish is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants to get a long lasting shine. Not only will the wheels look brand new but theywill have a mirror-like finish after this polish has been applied to them.  In less than a minute, you will see the difference in the metal you are polishing. The Simichrome Metal Polish takes less work than other polishes in the same category and is known to be the fastest acting as well.

Unlike other aluminum polishes, this one does not leave a clear coat of film after it has been utilized. It protects the metal and reduces the possibility of it becoming scratched in the future. It will also reduce the visibility of current scratches if there are any on the item being polished. Another neat feature is that is comes in a tube instead of a jar like other polishes. This makes it easier to apply with minimal effort. For a more in-depth account of how this Simichrome 390050 Metal Polish Tube can make an impact on your cherished items, read on.

Blue Magic 400 and 500-06 Metal Polish Cream

blue magic polishThis Blue Magic product is one of the newest aluminum polishes on the market and has already started to stand out in comparison to other similar products. It can be used on aluminum, chrome, and mag wheels. This type of cream polish not only cleans and shines the item being polished but also protects it. The cream leaves a protective coat that lasts for months. It is non abrasive so it can be applied often if necessary.

With the Blue Magic 500-06 Metal Polish Cream, a person only has to use a very small amount of the cream in order to reach the desired results. One jar of this polish typically lasts for months before it is gone, making it worth the money. People who purchase this cream to learn how to polish aluminum wheels will not be disappointed in the difference it will make to the overall appearance to the vehicle. Blue Magic is very popular with buyers. Check out our full review of Blue Magic 400 and Blue Magic 500.

Mothers Billet 05106 Metal Polish

mothers bill polishThis metal polish provides a higher end finish at a comparable price to the other products in the market. The polish is specifically meant to be used on billet metal that have the capability to be stronger than other metals such as forged or cast. Billet metal is made with a finer grain structure and requires different maintenance than other metals.

This polish is designed to be non abrasive for billet metal and is guaranteed to be the best at polishing aluminum. If your wheels or rims are high end and just need to be rejuvenated, this will be the best aluminum wheel polish to purchase to get the job done. Get an up close and personal look at the Mothers Metal Polish here.

Flitz Blue Metal, Plastic and Fiberglass CA 03518-6 Polish Paste

flitz aluminum polishFlitz Blue Metal Polish is not only used on metals but can be used on plastics as well making it one of a kind. Not only will this paste leave a shiny finish on a dull product but also has the ability to remove discoloration, rust, and water stains that have built up over time. With very minimal effort, a dim object can become bright in a matter of minutes.

The anti-tarnish formula can also help restore the paint finish on metals and plastics. The Flitz Blue Paste is meant to be used as an all purpose cleaner and protector for your metal and plastic belongings. The protective coat is guaranteed to last up to 6 months allowing a person to only complete maintenance twice a year on their items. Flitz Polish Paste is reviewed in more detail here.

Take Your Pick

We hope this explanation and list of top polishes helps you make an informed decision. Please utilize our in-depth reviews and comparison chart to help aid in your choice. I know there are a few to choose from so if you have any questions feel free to contact us at anytime.